Who We Are

Setit trading PLC was previously named Kidane Mariam Import Export Company and it has established in 1998 G.C by the owner Ato Kidane Mariam Gebre Tsadik in accordance with the commercial code of Ethiopia with an initial paid up capital 2,005,749.00 ETB, currently we are reached about 200,000,000 ETB. Previously the company has totally involved in the Local & IMPORT market business which we still have an objective to resume in an energetic way, only however since the year 2010 we have been focused on export business particularly preparation and export best quality Oil seeds & pulses like sesame seeds, Niger seeds, Haricot beans, chickpea, beans, lentils and green mung bean that have worldwide acceptance and high demand. Our company is located in the capital of Ethiopia – Addis Ababa. Our company office is located around CMC in front of St Michael church in its own Multi-purpose commercial building namely -SETIT CITY MALL. Due to continual rising of our operational performance; we have dedicated to perform the business with at most effort by unique art facilities for cleaning, hulling, crushing and processing of sesame seeds to this effect and to facilitate the process we already have a big ware house with a holding capacity of 90,000 quintals around Southern part of Addis Ababa kality area together with cleaning machine of a cleaning capacity 80 quintals per hour. Moreover, we have performed our duties using a rented heavy duty trucks from the market for effective movement of oilseeds and pulses from their production cite to company’s warehouse and thereby to port of Djibouti. Additionally, we have qualified personnel dedicated to make sure our products meet all quality standards and are timely delivered to clients both with in the country and overseas. We perform the mandatory inspection of the Quality and Standard Authority of Ethiopia. We can also have a third party conduct independent quality survey if customers request it. In our quality control process we have various ways which help us to ensure the highest quality per our customers’ request. We have a quality control department that has an internal procedure to assure we meet international standard specifications.